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Ten Great Wrestling Sites and Blogs You Have to Check Out

1. Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling covers what’s in store for this year’s Wrestlemania, the strengths and weakness for each champion, and CM Punk’s potential and reign. They also have fun and humorous articles about the top 10 babyfaces of all time and the 10 things wrong about TNA.

2. Walls of Jerichoholic

Walls of Jerichoholic is a site run by Shane Carnes, TH, Trey Irby and others that focus their love on wrestling, current and past, with articles on wrestlers from the 80s like Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, amateur wrestling, and some of the biggest and best body slams in recored history. Check out their site and find out what makes wrestling so special to these guys.

3. Blow by Blow Wrestling

Blow by Blow Wrestling is wrestling fan Dave’s site for opinions, suggestions, thoughts, reviews on the business of wrestling – the good and the bad. In this personal blog, he discusses the future of Ring of Honor, TNA, WWE, Monday Night RAW recaps and gives follower live podcasts.

 4. Wrestling News World

Wrestling News World homepage layout is a bit bland with hardly any pictures but inside each article there’s a world of info and knowledge about the business of wrestling. From the weekly WWE rundowns to SummerSlam and TNA news, this site has it all.

5. Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Blog

Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Blog is dedicated to wrestling and is the blog for Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine which highlights top wrestlers of the past and future. From Hulk Hogan, to Bret Hart, to Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock, the top champions of all time are highlighted here.

6. Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling is a popular site that bring fans closer to what their superstar are doing. From Steven Austin getting back in the ring one more time, to the Rock’s latest pics from his Hercules movie, and so much more involving Goldberg, Triple H and Chris Jericho.

7. E Wrestling News

E Wrestling News has your WWE SmackDown spoilers and results and RAW results including Wrestlemania 30 plan with Brock Lesnar, The Rock and the Undertake. Check out the latest news from Vince McMahon, Randy Orton and the biggest superstars in pro wrestling today.

8. The Mandible Claw

The Mandible Claw is a blog that brings humor and quirkiness to an already zany entertainment sport like pro wrestling. The Claw has a lot of podcasts with great info about the amateur circuit and anything to do with wrestling.

9. Cage Side Seats

Cage Side Seats contains info about WWE Superstar John Cena, WWE Main Event spoilers, the latest from Mick Foley, where Hulk Hogan is going to end up, and the best of WWE nostalgia from the 80s and 90s. Check them out for hot pictures and info about WWE Divas.

10. WWE Fans Nation

WWE Fans Nation is all about WWE fans and the wrestlers they can’t get enough of. They’ve got news and articles about Ryback, AJ Lee, Sheamus, WWE Live Events, kelly Kelly, and NXT Superstars along with forums and others news for fans.