Watch Baseball Online

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Watch MLB online

Catch all the baseball streams online this summer as you watch free baseball here at WS1. Baseball is recognized as the American national sport, often called its “National Pastime.” The game is also popular in across Canada and especially in Central and South America, the Caribbean, and parts of East Asia.Don’t miss baseball games when you can watch free streaming baseball games from, ESPN, and Fox Sports all on We’ve got you covered for free baseball postseason games, free baseball World Series games as well as free World Baseball Classic games and free WBC games online.

Top 10 Sites for Baseball News

1. Buster Olney’s MLB Blog at ESPN

ESPN’s coverage of baseball along with Buster Olney’s insight is about as comprehensive and deep as any other website around. They got the latest on baseball pennant races and wildcard chases in the American League and the National League. Get the latest statistical leaders in home runs, RBIs, batting average, wins and ERA. The ESPN site is well laid out and has tons of information on players including the career statistics

2. SB Nation Baseball

Fans of the national pastime can enjoy articles about Major League Baseball and specific team by team coverage with each baseball club having its own site; such as Bluebird Banter for Jays fans, Pin Striped Bible for Yankees fans, and Over the Monster for Red Sox fans. Check out SB Nation for well written reporting by writers who are just as big as fan of the game as you are.

3. MLB Trade Rumors

Want to get the latest on the free agent baseball signings and trades? MLB Trade Rumors is the ultimate baseball rumor blog and its constantly updated with the latest signings and transactions from the majors all the way to the minors and international free agent news.

4. MLB Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report has baseball reporting down pat with great coverage of the latest baseball news and rumors all the way from spring training baseball, through to the summer, to the fall classic and offseason news. Get fantasy baseball picks, baseball scoreboards, and baseball archives.

6. The Sporting News Baseball

The Sporting News is one of the top news sites for baseball information. Visit the site for the latest news on Alex Rodriguez and his suspension as well as Ryan Braun and his own PED ban and other hot topics like Bryce Harper’s sore hip and Clayton Kershaw’s Cy Young quest.

7. is Major League Baseball’s official source for everything baseball related a baseball fan could ever want. Including baseball tickets, official team merchandise, and live audio and video feeds to actual games in progress with the MLB.TV packages so you never have to worry about missing any baseball games during the season.

8. Keith Olbermann’s Baseball Blog

Olbermann blog is a great collecting of musing about the game and shows the news commentator’s bast knowledge of baseball history and its wonderful lore. He tells great stories from around the league and baseball’s annals for baseball fans to enjoy, including stories about Jackie Robinson, MLB World Series predictions, MLB Previews and so much more that only Olbermann can bring with his enthusiasm for the game.

9. Baseball-Reference

Sports Reference has a stable of great sports statistics sites but Basetball Reference is far and away the very best of them with stats of players from the middle of the 19th century when baseball was very different from the game we know today. Use stats like WAR and ERA+ to compare players from yesteryear like Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, and Walter Johnson to recent stars like Albert Pujols, Pedro Martinez, and Justin Verlander.

10. Fox Sports Sunday Night Baseball

Fox Sports provides baseball fans with more topics baseball coverage than they could ever want! They have the latest hot , baseball odds and gamblings game spreads. Visit Fox Sports for their coverage of postseason baseball including the Fall Classic and all the chases heading into September as teams try to win the World Series.