How to Watch the Blue Jays Online: A Guide for Canadians

If you’re a Jays fan living in Canada that can’t get access to Rogers Sportsnet and Sportsnet One, you’re probably wondering how the hell you’re supposed to watch Blue Jays games?

The short answer is: there isn’t a way.

Jays faithful have been up in arms since Rogers (in a move to further pad their corporation’s wallets) moved a large portion of the games from the four regional Sportsnet channels over to the premium Sportsnet One channel and fill the broadcasting void with fan favorites like motocross and sportsfishing reruns.

Way to appease the existing fans and grow your baseball fanbase Rogers!

This shortsighted move not only pissed off fans who had to pay for the new channel – but people across the country who didn’t have access to it because of availability issues.

So what options are available for fans who just want to watch Blue Jays games when Rogers, the sole owner of the team and sole broadcaster, is being a dick? Read on!


MLB’s Blackout Policy and How it Affects Canadians

To better understand why it’s so difficult to follow the Jays, let’s have a look at Major League Baseball’s blackout policy and why it screws over the entire country.

Television blackouts are in place to protect a local broadcaster’s rights to show baseball games over a national broadcaster. This rule not only sucks for Canucks – since the Blue Jays market covers all of Canada the entire country is under blackout – but Iowans in the U.S. Their whole state is considered the home territory of the Cubs, ChiSox, Brewers, Twins, Cardinals, and Royals.

What’s worse is the blackout doesn’t just affect television broadcasts, but MLB TV, the online subscription service that allows you to watch baseball games on any mobile or connected device. What this all means is that if you’re in Canada and you bought MLB TV for the sole purpose of watching Jays game online – you’ve just wasted all your money.

Ok, so you’re out of options. Maybe you’ll just go and listen to the game online on the FAN 590 with Jerry…we don’t really want to listen to Buck and Tabler talk for 9 innings anyways, right?


Rogers also blacks out games on the FAN 590 site to prevent fans from listening online when the Jays are playing. So now you’ve either got to be in your car or have a radio with AM reception handy to follow them. So really, Rogers has given fans who just want to follow their team no other option than to pay for both the Sportsnet channels.


Paying Ways to Get Around Blackouts and Watch Blue Jays Live Online

So what can you do if you already have the MLB TV package? You’re not completely out of luck if you’re willing to spend a few extra dollars more to get a VPN (virtual private network) service or a similar service like Unblock US.

VPN proxy services work by fooling your ISP into thinking you’re outside the country by having remote servers in another country receive the data from the game streams before they are sent to you. This allows Canadians to not only access regionally restricted content from MLB TV but from other content providers like Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV.


How to Watch Blue Jays Games for Free

If you’d rather stick it to Rogers you can always watch free Blue Jays online on streaming flash video or through a p2p app like Stream Torrent – a single program that allows you to connect to game streams, watch it, and relay the video feed to others who want to watch it. Both these options are completely free, have no hidden cost involved and you can usually find most Blue Jays games being offered live.


Check out all the free streaming Blue Jays games that are available online by checking out the WatchSports1 MLB game page or visit the individual sites below:

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