How to Watch Sports Online for Free

A common lament for sports fans trying to watch their favorite team often goes like this:

“I used to use the site called FirstRow but it has been closed by the government. I was curious if anyone here had another site that streams ESPN or live sports. I am out on my farm where I do not own a TV and would very much appreciate being able to watch my Reds play (as well as other sports and games).” – frustrated Reds fan


“Is there a way to watch my Dallas Cowboys without paying several hundred dollars for the NFL season package?” – frustrated NFL fan

Following your team often comes down to 2 major roadblocks: 1) Problems accessing the content [no TV/mobile access in some areas or countries, local TV blackouts based on geographical restrictions, such as “in-market-games” that are available only through local broadcasters] and 2) the high cost of season TV packages – when maybe all you want is to watch a handful of games.

Even for Die Hard Sports Fans who make the time to catch every game, big TV networks just don’t care too if they can’t afford premium sports packages – so long as there are enough other fans out there buying them and supporting their profit margins. Even with these premium packages, a number of games each year will be subject to local blackouts, which means the local team’s home and away games are only available through the local TV provider.

So tough luck if you’re living anywhere in Canada and you bought that MLB.TV package just to follow the Toronto Blue Jays — the only way you can watch them is to pay for a premium Sportsnet One channel in addition to the regular Sportsnet channel for the privilege of following your team.

At a time when many of us are trying to cut back on our spending, what alternative is there for us to support and cheer on – say our local football team without shelling out $254.99 for an entire season of NFL Game Pass – when you only have time to watch a fraction of the games?


Surprisingly, there’s quite a few free options around for people wondering – Where can I watch sports online for free?


1. Watch Sports Online for Free on Flash Video Sites

Requirements: A good web browser and Adobe Flash.

Flash sites show live video streams of sporting matches as they happen. The video will either open within the same window or do it in another open window. Depending on the quality and reputation of the site, it may offer multiple streams from different broadcasters (in case one goes down) and videos of different qualities. Some sites may link to videos that do not actually stream the events or to a dead stream that doesn’t exist – so it might take a few tries to find the correct stream – which is why provides multiple links to help you find what you want to watch!

One of the annoying things with streaming sites are the ads that pop up at the beginning of the video. Sometimes finding the buttons to close them can be a challenge. One way of minimizing the problem is by enlarging the video to full screen (assuming the quality is still good) so that ads no longer continue to appear.

Some of the more popular streaming sites around include:

To save you time, has sorted all the sports from each section into their own unique page so you can easily view that hard to find UFC fight or football game that’s not aired anywhere else.

Other streaming sites include:

2. Watch Sports Online for Free on P2P Streaming Video

Requirements: A good web browser and a streaming app like Stream Torrent.

Another way to watch sports online for free is by p2p or peer to peer streaming video. This option allows viewers to connect to a channel or sporting event that another user is broadcasting online. Once you connect to the live sport you want to watch for free, the video starts to buffer until the stream is good enough to watch. What makes p2p work is that the user watching that video stream then uploads that same stream to other users joining that channel. One of the advantages of Stream Torrent is the ability for users to choose the video quality to take advantage of faster connections. Disadvantages of p2p can include long buffering times, inability to connect to some free online streams, and the inevitable time delay from the original broadcast.

The most popular streaming site to watch online sports is, and WatchSports1 has links to each of Wiziwig’s sporting categories in addition to the flash sites above to help you watch sports online for free!