How to Watch Baseball Online Free? Where Can I Watch MLB Online Free?

One of the most popular way to watch MLB baseball games online is through MLB.TV. On the surface it appears to be a great deal, but it’s really only appropriate for fans who want to watch out-of-market teams play each other. And since most fans want to watch games with their hometown teams that means MLB.TV is useless if you reside in the team’s home territory because of MLB’s dreaded blackouts.

MLB’s blackout restrictions take effect regardless if the game is sold out, if the team is playing a home game or if it’s one that is taking place at an opponent’s stadium 1000’s of KMs away on the other side of the country.

Some of the Worst Places to Live in for MLB.TV Subscribers

MLB’s blackout policy of not showing a team’s games inside its home television territory (at times a seemingly arbitrary geographical boundary defined by MLB and the local networks that have the rights to broadcast these games) includes some real head scratchers. Take a look at these cities/regions and decide for yourselves!


Las Vegas – Sin City’s home teams include the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Dodgers, A’s, Giants, Padres, and the Diamondbacks. Maybe as a cruel joke MLB could tack on the Rockies and the Mariners to the list and deny Las Vegans coverage of EVERY TEAM on the Western half of the U.S.


Iowa – This is where they filmed “Field of Dreams” and it’s about the only baseball related programming Iowans can watch when they’re subjected to blackouts from the Brewers, Cardinals, Cubs, Royal, Twins, and White Sox. That’s a lot of home and away games to be missing out on.


CanadaIf you’re a Blue Jays fan in Canada, you’re out of luck. The entire country is placed under blackout when the team hits the field – this affects everyone living in the second largest country in the world (by area). Even worse, fans in the provinces of B.C. and Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and parts of the Maritimes, are subject to blackouts from the Mariners, Twins, and Red Sox, respectively.


Guam and U.S. Virgin Islands – “All live games will be blacked out in the U.S. territories of Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands during the MLB regular season.” – From…ouch!

Also there are many other instances where a game may get blacked out regardless of geographical restrictions. These may include: nationally televised games, postseason games, the All-Star Game, games involving any team broadcasted on a local affiliate, and games on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.


How to Get Around Blackout Restrictions on MLB.TV

VPN – A virtual private network is a proxy service that enables you to use an intermediary in another location to send and receive data. This makes it appear like you’re computer is in another geographical location, thus allowing you to watch games that take place inside your team’s home territory.

Unblock Us – This is another VPN type of solution that allows paying users to bypass content restrictions by configuring their devices to use a different DNS server. Whenever Unblock Us detects restricted content it automatically bypasses the region check and quickly sends the data to your device.


How to Watch MLB Online for Free

If you want to watch baseball games online for free without a subscription package or paying for a proxy service on top of that, you can always watch free rebroadcasted MLB game videos via streaming Flash videos or through a p2p client like Stream Torrents.

Simply go to the WatchSports1 MLB game page to watch MLB games free online or check out the individual sites listed below:

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